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Privacy Summary Statement
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Because of the various services we provide, we may have access to both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. If your information is collected in a non-personally identifiable form, we will not re-identify it without your consent.

Your Trust

Because your trust is important to us, we adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Principles, as they apply to our data practices.

Your Choices

We believe you should be able to make choices about the collection, use and sharing of your information. An easy opt-out choice is available through our opt-out page.

Our Policies

While this page may give you a high level overview of our privacy standards and objectives, you should review our detailed polices to understand how your information is being collected, used, and shared. Our Website Privacy Policy covers how we handle data on the Solve Media website; and our Data Privacy Notice covers how we handle data collected through our services and partners.

Our Partners

We require our publishers and other partners to adhere to the same standards we apply to our own practices and to provide the appropriate levels of notice and choice.